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Diligent & DocuSign


My Role

I worked with a multidisciplinary team to produce a bespoke integration between DocuSign and Diligent’s internal product. I lead the development guiding it from an idea to a working integration.

I built wireframes and workflow diagrams testing them against existing clients. I also managed the iterative roll out gathering usage data and feedback to better guide the integration.

The Product

An integration between Diligent & DocuSign allowing corporate documentation to be managed and signed within the application securely. This delivered a streamlined and enhanced approval process to corporate governance professionals. 



  • UX/UI resources were stretched across multiple teams. I was heavily involved in the development of wireframes and end designs. Great to get some practice on Figma and balsamic!

  • The Integration was only accessible on the top paid tier for clients. Building a strong relationship with sales to ascertain the link between clients moving tiers and the integration helped define the overall success.

  • Connecting with a third party app stressed the importance of alignment when managing development, testing and external communication.

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