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Dynamic Charts


My Role

I worked with a team of Engineers, UX/UI and SMEs to take the product from inception to launch.

I conducted user research through; interviews, surveys and eventually analysed usage data for insights. At each stage of product development I presented updates to our internal and external stakeholders ensuring the feedback loop was as short as possible. 

We eventually launched the product in beta where I lead further optimisation of its features.

The Product

Organisation structures help guide decisions on tax liabilities, regulatory compliance and/or shareholder dominance. The Dynamic Charts enables you to interactively visualise your entire corporate structure and entity relationships. This helps the user visualise the real world impacts changes would have before making big decisions.



  • It was my first time on a startup product which allowed me to follow a product from inception to launch.

  • Having to compete against other products puts emphasis on product research. This pushed me to improve on existing and learn new techniques.

  • Interacting with many stakeholders internally and externally taught me the importance of clear and frequent communication. 

  • Leading two products (and teams) meant I had to effectively manage my own time and priorities.

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