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Product Manager @ X-Lab

current role

Currently working in a start-up environment with innovative product thinkers helping labs connect.

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Diligent Entities

Dynamic Charts

A visualisation of portfolio data for multipurpose charting. The charting tool allows users to dynamically filter, sort, apply visuals etc to aid in Entity Management.

Diligent + Docusign

A key integration into an existing application providing users with the ability to manage documentation sign-off processes. The integration went beyond a simple handoff to better integrate within the existing workflows.



Trade requesting application for all 85k employees within the organisation. The tool allowed employees to request the option to trade and line managers and compliance the ability to ensure this fell under the permitted rules e.g. no insider knowledge from M&As and proximity checks to over-the-wall individuals. 


US Expansion

Research and requirements phase of expanding Barclaycard into the US. Involved analysing current state infrastructure and applications within the UK plus research into the US framework. 

A.S, Senior Engineering Manager

"Steven was instrumental in allowing us to deliver our ambitious monolith to microservice transformation. He has an incredible attention to detail, and has a knack for getting others excited about working in an Agile way. He is just at home in a product-led discussion with a customer as he is with architects and engineers."

S.J, Product Owner

"Steven is always looking to improve process and delivery of his product, ready to accept & implement change backed by valuable information derived from mini experiments delivered as iterations. A pleasure to work with and a great sounding board of experience."
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