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Value Hunter. Product Builder. People Investor.

Steven Timbers - Product Management



Early & Often

Validation at every point is a must. From ideation to offer to MVP. If you validate early you set yourself up for the best possible chance of success.

Listen & Extract

Sometimes you can get too involved (can't see the wood for the trees). When you perform research; listen to the detail, extract and analyse to make informed decisions. 

Impact & Value

Don't lose focus on the high impact / high value areas. These are the guiding light and may be what pays the bills. Don't sweat the small stuff in the first iteration, it wont give you the value you need.

Make Mistakes

The product process is designed to wean out failures / mistakes. Its not a bad thing to fail, it can be a good thing. You have to ensure you are learning at each failure point. So make mistakes often and learn!



"Steven was instrumental in allowing us to deliver our ambitious monolith to microservice transformation. He has an incredible attention to detail, and has a knack for getting others excited about working in an Agile way. He is just at home in a product-led discussion with a customer as he is with architects and engineers."

A.S - Senior Engineering Manager

"Steven is always looking to improve process and delivery of his product, ready to accept & implement change backed by valuable information derived from mini experiments delivered as iterations. A pleasure to work with and a great sounding board of experience."

S.J - Product Owner